Meet Philip Solomon

Welcome to Solomon Capital, a family investment company dedicated to creating wealth and value through strategic investments in real estate, venture capital, and private equity. With a strong track record of success and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

At Solomon Capital, we understand the importance of trust and expertise when it comes to managing your financial resources. That’s why we take pride in introducing our Managing Director, Philip Solomon, who brings a wealth of experience and a proven ability to deliver exceptional results. Philip Solomon, the former CEO, and current Chairman of the Palladio Beauty Group, possesses a deep understanding of business dynamics and investment strategies. Philip is a visionary entrepreneur with an impressive background that showcases his expertise in building and managing successful ventures.

His journey began as the Vice President of RH Cosmetics, his family’s manufacturing business in New York. Philip played a pivotal role in the growth and eventual sale of the company in 1997. Seeking new horizons, he relocated to Miami in 2000 and founded the Palladio Beauty Group, introducing a groundbreaking line of Botanical and Vitamin-infused beauty products. Under his leadership the brand grew to become a leading makeup brand in the US and expanding its reach to over 40 countries worldwide.

Philip’s entrepreneurial prowess was further showcased when he sold the Palladio Beauty Group to a private equity firm in 2012, only to repurchase the company in December of 2019. This unique experience as both a seller and buyer gives him valuable insights into the intricacies of business deals.

Philip is actively involved in various industries. He serves on the boards of companies such as Connexa Capital, New Wave Loans, Zumba Fitness, Mineral Fusion (sold) and Elion Partners. Additionally, Philip provides advisory services to numerous other companies, leveraging his expertise to foster their growth and success.

Philip’s commitment to community and philanthropy is evident through his involvement with the MAR-JCC in North Miami Beach, where he serves as a board member and chairs the budget and finance committee. He also holds the position as a board member and Treasurer of the Scheck Hillel Community School. Furthermore, Philip actively engages in advisory capacities with several charitable endeavors in Florida and New York, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact in society.

With Solomon Capital, you gain access to a seasoned investment company that combines astute business acumen, a strong network, and a passion for growth. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to create value and deliver exceptional returns in the realms of real estate, venture capital, and private equity.

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